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Harte and Body Physiotherapy is available at the Harte and Body studio, Bodyworks Hexham or if you prefer in the comfort of your own home.

Following an in depth assessment on your first appointment, taking a detailed history and then assessing your posture, movement, strength and stability, your findings will be discussed and a treatment plan explained.

If it is felt further investigations/opinions are needed we can liaise with your GP or consultant if appropriate.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy aims to encourage and support the return to normal function following injury , trauma, illness or surgery. Whether your injury has only recently happened, been a problem for a while or developed over time or you need guidance following surgery, Harte and Body Physiotherapy can help with your management.

Conditions commonly treated

Lower back pain

Neck pain

Nerve pain

Arthritic joints

Rehabilitation following fractures and orthopaedic surgery

Muscle and tendon injuries

Ligament sprains and strains

Shoulder problems

Tennis/golfers elbow

Reduced mobility


Spinal and joint mobilisations

Soft tissue mobilisation and massage

Prescriptive exercises and rehabilitation programme with an emailed link

Mobility assessment and gait re-education


Pain education and self management strategies

Postural taping techniques

Physiotherapy Times & Pricing


13.00pm – 18-00pm


13.00pm – 18-00pm


13.00pm – 16-00pm


by request

Physiotherapy initial assessment and treatment


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Physiotherapy review

1 hour review £50

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