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Pilates Classes

Class sizes are small, which allows specific teaching and correction when needed. The classes are organised into ability level and are tailored to those taking part. Whether you have no experience or are very experienced the class will target your individual needs.

Class Descriptions

Private Harte

Individual sessions

Private lessons are available for those who want a specific session designed for their body to focus on deepening the pilates method and targeting individual needs. They are also advisable for those who are new to Pilates.

 Learn the basics to then be able to attend a suitable class
Aid rehabilitation – recommended to normalize movement following injury,
surgery or to help manage ongoing musculoskeletal problems.
 Post natal – Improve pelvic floor and abdominal strength following pregnancy
 Woman’s health – Improve pelvic floor strength and abdominal tone

  Focus on specific exercises for individual needs.


Gentle Harte


Designed for those who are new to pilates, those who need a slower pace and those who need to review the basics of pilates.

Mixed Harte


Suitable for those who are familiar with pilates. Classes are varied using small equipement – balls, weights, foam rollers and bands to facilitate and challenge movement.

Established Harte


A more challenging class suitable for those who are experienced in the pilates method. Classical exercises are incorporated as well as small equipment.

Baby Harte


Designed for new mums and babies (6 weeks postpartum, 8-10 weeks post c section). It is aimed at helping recover from pregnancy and birth to restore your pre-pregnancy well-being by increasing pelvic floor and core strength. It helps to correct postural imbalances and reduces tension in the body. No need for babysitters as baby can be integrated into the session when they are awake.

Young at Harte

Chair based

Young at Harte is specifically tailored for the older client and caters for all abilities. It offers a variety of exercises, which use a chair to perform both sitting and standing movements. Exercises encourage increased confidence with mobility, improve balance, muscle strength and ultimately help reduce the risk of falls.

When the heart is right the mind and body will follow

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