My aim is to teach a fun, friendly and effective class full of harte!

Kirsty Harte is a Northumberland based Chartered Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience and a wealth of knowledge in musculoskeletal conditions.

With her physiotherapy knowledge and expertise she is able to adapt specific exercises and use Pilates to aid rehabilitation and to help manage musculoskeletal problems.

What is pilates?


As someone with sensory sensitivities, attending exercise sessions can be difficult. Kirsty’s classes are different: her approach is friendly and responsive, and her classes are quiet and calm. This means that I can enjoy my Pilates and focus on what I’m doing.
Emma G

Kirsty is an expert, experienced and careful physiotherapist and Pilates teacher – an ideal combination. I highly recommend her.

Kirsty’s physiotherapy expertise has helped me greatly with knee, back, hip and hand pain. She took comprehensive histories, carried out thorough examinations, diagnosed the problems and devised exercise programmes, which have relieved pain, eased stiffness and strengthened muscles. She has magic hands! Her deep massage released a very tight piriformis muscle with immediate relief of sciatica and pain. She identified that foot problems were contributing to my knee, back and hip pain and recommended biomechanical assessment by a podiatrist, who has prescribed orthotics. She is caring, kind and always willing to be contacted post-appointment to answer queries and give further advice.

Kirsty’s Pilates classes are fun, enjoyable and have improved my core strength, balance and flexibility. She is always mindful of any physical problems clients have and offers alternative exercises. She observes carefully, corrects as necessary, and suggests visualisations (I love these) to help clients move optimally.

Sue White

I started with sciatica over two months ago which got quickly worse. I was allergic to opioids and after three desperate phone calls to my Health Centre, a Gp told me there was no more they could do. I was shocked and felt abandoned by primary care. I was In the worst pain I had ever experienced in my 70 years and did not know what to do next. Fortunately for me Kirsty was my excellent Pilates teacher and a physiotherapist with twenty plus years experience. I contacted her and she was a lifeline for me then and continues to be. She is professional, experienced, caring and compassionate. I can talk to her on the phone, she will come round to my house for consultations, she has translated the MRI scan (I eventually had) and gives me much needed encouragement and emotional support. She really listens. I am still in pain but I am so grateful that Kirsty is there as a trusted experienced professional and as a kind human being

Lynda Sage

Kirsty is a fantastic, highly experienced and knowledgeable Pilates teacher. I've had the pleasure of being a regular attender of her classes for the past 8 years. Her classes are well structured and flowing and Kirsty's excellent knowledge of anatomy means she will always ensure correct alignment and posture whilst comfortably adapting poses depending on ability level, injury and antenatally. Kirsty's pilates classes have helped keep me active and fit throughout all 3 of my pregnancies and subsequently regain my core strength and flexibility postnatally.

Claire Spencer

I simply can’t recommend Kirsty Harte highly enough. She rehabilitated me during a very difficult period in my life after a c-section and a lung operation left me with a plethora of symptoms, movement issues and severe pain.

After a recommendation and a subsequent introduction, we embarked on a programme of 1 to 1 Pilates sessions. Kirsty was completely unfazed by the added complication of a baby and toddler to contend with. In fact, she embraced the challenge and sometimes even incorporated them into our exercise sessions!
Kirsty’s extensive physiotherapy background coupled with her comprehensive Pilates training and experience enabled her to devise a series of bespoke exercise programmes which were totally tailored to my needs. We have worked together for a couple of years now and my mobility, range of movement, core fitness and general health wellbeing have totally been transformed.
Thank you so much Kirsty for everything you have done to help me. It is such a delight working with you that I forget we are even exercising!
Emma McElhinney

I had been suffering from a leg issue for a couple of years that I had been to see several people about but it was getting worse. On seeing Kirsty she immediately identified a serious problem with my hip and helped me massively through a process of referrals, now waiting for surgery but would not be here without her. Fantastic and very grateful for her help.

Ryan Maughan

Kirsty is a brilliant Physio who really takes time to listen and explore how your symptoms are affecting you. She gave me an extremely detailed explanation of what was happening to my body and ways in which I can make changes to improve it alongside a regime of exercises to do at home. I would absolutely recommend her to friends, family and my own patients.

Dr Charlotte Gooding

I have been attending Kirsty’s Pilates classes for over 6.5 years now. I started the classes with a number of injuries which were causing me quite a lot of pain. With Kirsty's knowledge as an experienced physiotherapist she completely understood my needs and was able to adapt the moves where necessary to help me recover. I couldn't imagine not having pilates in my life. It has really helped me to strengthen my core and I most certainly feel better for it. 

Recently I saw Kirsty for a physiotherapy appointment as I had damaged my elbow. She carried out a thorough examination and provided me with a recovery plan and my elbow is now completely better. I absolutely recommend Kirsty to anyone who is looking to get into pilates or has a physiotherapy need.

Jennie Maughan

My wife had been going to one of Kirsty's classes for many years before I finally gave it a go. I didn't think it was a man's thing - I was more into the stereotypical running, fell walking, golf, badminton etc however, i've been going to Kirsty's Monday class for about 4 years now and I love it! I'm 61, semi- retired and have noticed a great improvement in my flexibility and balance. I even do the HIT class on a Friday and think I manage to keep up with the youngsters! If you're apprehensive - just give it a go - you'll love it too!
Graeme B

I have been going to Kirsty’s Pilates sessions for 6 years now and love it. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 7 years ago and believe Pilates really helps manage my symptoms and has helped strengthen my core muscles. Kirsty is aware of my condition and adapts the movements if necessary. I wholeheartedly recommend Kirsty as a brilliant teacher!

Diane B

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